1. What happens if a service user becomes ill?

We are a residential home and cannot offer full Nursing Care, however if any service user becomes ill they can be cared for at the Home till the time their Doctor and/or the District Nurse decides that it would no longer be beneficial for them; this is always discussed with the Manager in-depth before a decision is made. We only move a service user to Nursing Care if there is ultimately no other option and this would also be discussed with the service user’s family or representatives as well.

2. Can a service user bring their own furniture into the Home?

The only limits placed on service users wishing to bring in their own furniture is the size of their room and safety regulations. All our Homes actively encourage service users to bring their own small items of furniture, pictures, ornaments etc. as it helps them to settle in and feel more comfortable. We will be happy to discuss with the new service users the feasibility of bringing their own special items into the room chosen.

3. What sorts of activities are available at the home for service users?

The homes have an Activities Co-ordinator who is responsible for the activities that are offered; they range from group activities such as bingo, sing-alongs etc. to activities which are tailored to the service users individual personalities. The home also offers group and/or individual outings. An entertainer comes on a fortnightly basis to offer musical entertainment to the service users.

4. When can family and friends visit?

As the Homes are considered as the service users home there are no real restrictions and visitors are welcome at any time; although we do request that where possible that late evening visits be kept to a minimum. Visitors are welcome to join their relative / friend for a meal; however we request to be notified in advance to make the arrangements.

5. Can service users come and go as they please?

There are no restrictions on the service users at all, though due to the mental frailty of our service users we recommend that they are either accompanied by a staff member or a responsible relative/friend. All we ask is that we are informed when they are going out, with whom and when we can expect them to return. Any medication that is meant to be taken whilst the service user is away from the home will be prepared for you.

6.Complaints Procedure

Service users and their representatives are encouraged to seek advices and information from staff members on matters they genuinely do not understand. We actively encourage out service users and/or their representatives to speak up if they are unhappy with any aspect of the services provided within the homes.

Most small worries can be dealt with immediately and will not escalate into an official complaint; a discussion with a senior member of staff and the manager can soon resolve the issue. Should the issue be more serious a complaints book is situated in the entrance hall way; details should be entered in this and the envelope handed over to the senior staff on duty or the Registered Manager. The manager will acknowledge any complaints within 7 working days and respond to the complaint in writing within 28 days, with the aim of rectifying the situation following an internal investigation.

Should a complaint be considered a Serious Untoward Incident, it will be referred to the Manager immediately who will consider raising the issue and liaising with the relevant authorities. Accurate records of all Complaints will be made.