Residents Lifestyle

Each room within the home is provided with a vanity unit, hand basin, smoke detector and nurse call system. Beds, furniture and linen are all provided, although service users are encouraged to bring some of their own possessions or favourite items to personalise their rooms.

In addition to the vanity/wash basin and ensuite facilities, all floors are equipped with WC’s and Bath Lift Facilities. The home also has a commercial laundry system to look after the service users clothing needs and a supply of fresh toiletry items is maintained within the home. Regular visits are made by the hairdresser, chiropodist, dentist and optician.

All the Homes have comfortably furnished lounges, with music and television facilities; most also have a quiet room for those who prefer the peace and quiet.
All meals for the service users are cooked in-house including fresh cakes and soups; they meals are carefully planned taking into account nutritional values, seasonal produce, personal choice and special dietary requirements.  The kitchens are modern and fully equipped to meet the needs of the homes. All meals are generally served in the dining room but should a service user prefer to have their meal in the comfort of their room they can do so.

Highly experiences and qualified staff cater to all the needs of the services users; ensuring that their dignity, independence and choice are maintained at all times. The Homes operate an open door policy for the families/friends visiting the service users.
A varied programme of activities are carried out through the day, inclusive of board games, bingo, matinee movies and musical entertainment, by staff as well as external sources for service users who are willing and able to join in.